Erindell Villa is a delightful little guesthouse with a large swimming pool. It is nestled among colourful tropical gardens in Woodlands, Montserrat - the "Emerald Isle of the Caribbean".Renovated in 2009 thanks to the Montserrat Tourist Board’s Challenge Fund Grant, we are close to the volcano observatory, bus routes, Woodlands Beach, hiking trails and the village of Salem.

The Rooms: Each fully-equipped room features a private entrance, two comfortable twin beds with Simmons Maxipedic mattresses (can be made up as a king bed), a private shower with hot and cold water, iron, ironing board and hair drier. There is a ceiling fan, but no air conditioning as louvred windows on all sides let in the cool Trade winds. In the guest rooms there is also a small fridge stocked with fresh fruit, bottled water and sodas, both regular and diet. There is a microwave oven in one room and a toaster oven and hot plate in the other. Both rooms have coffee and tea making facilities, phone, Cable TV, clock-radio, a mini-desk and access to the Internet via WiFi.


Complimentary Services & Amenities: Our complimentary services and amenities include a hearty continental breakfast, a basketful of snacks (for stays of two nights or longer), a bowl of fruit, sodas and juices, unlimited tea and coffee, maid service, laundry service, Internet access, long-distance calls via Skype, all linens and towels, beach towels, beach mats and beach umbrella, snorkeling gear and a cell phone for your personal use. There’s no catch – it’s all free! On a clear day, when our chores are done, we take our guests on a mini sightseeing tour, by car, to the volcano observatory, Old Road Bay, Old Towne, Olveston and back to Woodlands. Unlike other guesthouses, we do not offer a free pickup service at the air or sea ports. We thought about it, but decided there are many highly qualified taxi drivers who depend on transport jobs to earn a living for themselves and their families in these ‘lean’ times. The taxi drivers we select to meet our guests are efficient, pleasant and reliable.

Meals: We offer a meal service, featuring international and local cuisine, with a full bar. Our Hungry-Man and Full English Breakfasts are to die for. Lunch is a pleasure with a variety of sandwiches, huge beef hot dogs and monster burgers, downed with a cold beer or chilled local drink out on the covered terrace or at poolside. Dinner is a novel experience at Erindell. Guests sit with the hosts and dress is very casual – barefoot, if you like! The menu changes each evening, ranging from simple casseroles or quiches to barbequed goodies, and is literally “all you can eat” with wine and dessert extra. During dinner, Lou tries to tell corny jokes, but gets “kicked” under the table for his troubles. Guests are then entertained with funny or eerie stories culled from Shirley’s immense collection of local and Caribbean folklore. Of course there is the usual threat that you won’t be allowed to leave the table unless you put on 5lbs!


Activities Abound:

• The nearby Woodlands or Lime Kiln beaches are perfect for swimming, snorkeling and picnic lunches. We provide transportation to and from.

• A 15-minute drive takes you to Little Bay for scuba diving, glass-bottomed kayaking, snorkeling, jet skiing or “liming” (hanging out) at one of the many beach bars. Divers will love our colourful coastal reefs and going into the bat cave (see photo below).

• Join local players for a game of tennis, cricket, soccer or basketball. No? There is also a gym on the island for daily workouts.

• You can go deep-sea fishing with Danny or Bruce, go around the island by boat, go horseback riding or take an awesome volcano tour.

• Hikers and bird watchers will love the winding trails through thickly wooded rain forests led by ”Scriber”, one of our personable forest rangers. You may glimpse the yellow-breasted Montserrat Oriole, the island's national bird, some Mountain Chicken, large edible frogs that are considered a gourmet delicacy, a Galliwasp, a recently discovered “lizard-snake”, and a variety of other interesting flora and fauna. If they are going on a hike, we can arrange for you to join the local “Hash House Harriers” group for even more fun. Not surprisingly, the members describe themselves as being hiking drinkers or drinking hikers!

For The Not-So-Active:

• There are nightly domino and pool games at local village pubs in Salem, weekly poker and bridge gatherings and, in season, a monthly bar-hop.

• You can also opt for a do-nothing day, where you can relax at poolside with a couple of Lou’s creamy piñacoladas and a magazine or novel from our delightful book collection.

• Think you can handle the local dialect? Take a fun lesson with Shirley. You’ll be amused!

• And how about some table games? We’ve got Chess, Scrabble, Backgammon, Dominoes, Schlies de Box (German), Wari (African) and Pigs!

• In the main house there is a full length electric piano and loads of music books with Oldie-goldies, Broadway favourites and complete opera scores.

• Or you can relax and watch exciting volcano DVDs.

• Karaoke anyone? If Shirley can sing calypso, R&B and opera, so can you!

Our Active Volcano: The Soufriere Hills volcano is still active and venting. Tours can be arranged so bring lots of film. On a daytime tour you can visit the Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) for firsthand information, and view the destroyed city and golf course through the telescope provided. There is even a souvenir shop on the premises. On an evening tour to Jack Boy Hill in the northeast of the island, you can see the glowing dome with its fiery rock falls, and the lights of Antigua and Guadeloupe. At times, the ‘waterfalls of fire’ can also be seen from the MVO. With the current increased activity, no one is allowed into the exclusion zones. There are almost daily ash clouds that blow mostly to the south of the island. Occasionally, when the wind changes direction, we may get some light ash in the Woodlands area. When that happens, we close all windows and wait it out. Afterwards we may still get some ash blowing in off the trees and shrubbery, but we try, through hosing down, to keep ash levels down. We also provide face masks to guests if needed during ash venting.

About Montserrat: Montserrat, a tiny island in the Eastern Caribbean, 27 miles southeast of Antigua, has a population of about 5,000 of which only 43% are Montserratians (pronounced ‘Munsrashuns’). The island is a British Overseas Territory; however the Irish influence can be seen in our family names, village names and our national emblems. On arrival your passport is stamped with a green shamrock. The Island’s flag and crest, officially adopted in 1962, show Erin of Irish legend dressed in green, holding a cross and harp. On the upper left side of the flag is the Union Jack of Great Britain; however our national colours are those of Ireland – green, orange and white. Montserrat is the only country in the world, beside Ireland, that celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with a public holiday and special celebration. If you listen to Montserratians speak, you will hear, or imagine you hear, the Irish lilt. “Erindell” was so named because of Shirley’s Irish heritage.

About Us: Come join your fun hosts, Shirley & Lou Spycalla. Lou is well known for his wit, while Shirley is an accomplished storyteller. In fact she has written several children’s stories based on island legends, and is currently writing a book on growing up in the Caribbean with ghosts and ghouls. Whether you arrive by air or sea, we arrange transfers to and from Erindell and are happy to arrange for a rental car or SUV, and also for sightseeing, shopping, etc. Take the time to work on your tan, but don't forget to bring your sunscreen and sunglasses. By the time your departure date arrives, you will feel as though you’ve known us forever. To be sure, you'll have a fun vacation at Erindell Villa! As for Montserrat; once you’ve had a sip of water from the magical spring at the nearby Runaway Ghaut, you will find you can’t wait to come back!


Shirley & Lou Spycalla
Erindell Villa Guesthouse
PO Box 36
Montserrat, West Indies
Tel: (664) 491-3655
Email: [email protected]

How To Get Here:

Most major airlines fly into VC Bird Intl Airport on the island of Antigua, 27 miles to the southeast of Montserrat. From there to Montserrat it’s a 20-minute hop by Winair ( or by Montserrat Airways ( Starting in early December, there will be a ferry service operating between Antigua and Montserrat, 3 days a week.

Rates: US $75.00 per night, whether for single or double occupancy.

Tax: 7%.

Service Charge: None.

Discounts: 10%, for Caribbean nationals, travel agents, tour operators, airline staff and repeat guests

Payments: US$ or EC$ currency in cash, traveler’s cheques, wire transfer or PayPal. Sorry, no credit or debit cards because of our small size.

Deposit: Equivalent to one night’s accommodation, non-refundable, for bookings during Christmas week and the St. Patrick’s Week only.

Voltage: 110V/120V in guestrooms and 220V in main house.

Banks: Royal Bank of Canada and the Bank of Montserrat.

ATM: Located at the Royal Bank of Canada.

Currency Exchange:

US$1.00 = EC$2.70
UK£1.00 = EC$4.50 (approx)

Churches: Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Seventh Day Adventist, Pentecostal, Church of God of Prophesy and Jehovah’s Witness.

Favorite Sites:

Montserrat Tourist Board - Official site for island information
Photographs of Montserrat - Old and new - Our weekly newspaper
Island Art and Note Cards - Jan Bester's paintings of Montserrat
Sea Wolf Diving School - Sea Wolf Diving School– Green Monkey Dive Shop

Photographs (acknowlegements):

Bat Cave – Green Monkey Dive Shop
Blue Shell – Hans Glauser
Volcano – Beth Breuer
Volcano at Night - MVO
National Dress – Linda Dias Jr.